Three Day Course

SAMFA'S three day powder coating course was originally tailored for powder coating entry level operators. The three sessions are usually spaced apart at weekly or two-weekly intervals, depending on how dates fall in the working month. Since it's launch in 2008 the course has attracted more than150 trainees from many different levels within the industry including company owners, directors, managers, QC and sales staff who all joined the classes to expand their knowledge of the subject. Perhaps the success of the course lies in the fact that the presentations are tailored to ensure that everyone at every level grasps the principles.

Due to the practical nature of lectures it has been important to find venues for both workshop and lecture room facilities. We are fortunate that in all of our regions powder coating member companies have stepped up to the plate and made facilities available to our trainees for the practical session.

This course continues to be modified and enhanced.  Expert guest speakers from the industry address our trainees on all subjects ranging from the manufacture of powder to the chemistry of the pre-cleaning systems and the hardware that is used. Trainees get to handle real equipment and experience a working powder coating environment with opportunities for hands-on involvement.

The basic theory of powder coating is dealt with and subjects are explained in an easy-to-understand manner illustrated with the aid of PowerPoint and other visual material including DVD movies. Manuals, printed in plain English, are distributed to trainees to study during the course and are theirs to keep for future reference.

Participants are encouraged to pose questions and share problems that they may have experienced in the work place.

Trainees are required to take part in a practical exam where they will be given an actual component to coat and they also complete a multiple choice written test. The minimum pass mark is 60% and successful participants receive an attractive certificate.
Gauteng 2019

Coporate Conference Centre
101 Edward Drive

9:00 am to 3:00pm

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Cape 2019

Goodwood Sports Club
55 Milton Road,
9:00 am to 3:00 pm

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KZN 2019

Avilla House
10 Wellington Rd
9:00 am to 3:00 pm

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Standard fee per trainee: R 7 260
SAMFA Member Discount per trainee: R 1 452
Discounted Member Price per trainee: R 5 808
Non-members enjoy a rate of  R5 208 for each enrollee from trainee 3 onwards
i.e. First 2 at R6 510, thereafter at R5 208 ea
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Non Members: The full amount must be sight of invoice and no later than 14 days before commencement of the course.

SAMFA Members: A deposit of R2 604 plus VAT (R2 994.60 VAT inc)  should be submitted in respect of each trainee enrolled 14 or more days prior to course commencement. The balance is payable before the date of session 3. The price includes training manuals, lunch & tea.
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