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The full amount must be paid on sight of invoice and no later than 14 days before commencement of the course.

The price includes all digital materials required to complete the course via access to our online training portal, plus personalised support via WhatsApp and Email.
Call us on: 021 761 8537 and we'll provide you with any further information you need.
Flexibility - Being online gives us great flexibility in many different ways. We are able to tailor sessions to include addressing the specific interests of the individuals in the group. The conventional offering involved the hire of lecture rooms which had to be booked and paid for ahead of time as well as car hire, and flight bookings for the lecturer/s. It was not easy to make changes at short notice.
Why the Switch to Online Training?
Over the past years SAMFA has seen almost 500 participants throughout the country pass through our original Electroplating Theory & Practice course.  Each year there are some new entrants into this interesting industry as well as existing staff members who are moved into positions of responsibility where it is vital to have a deeper understanding of the subject. We are pleased to be in a position to equip these individuals with the necessary skills to perform their work with confidence in this challenging environment. Our trainees include small business owners, senior operators, line and department managers, engineers and even sales staff.
Affordability has become an important consideration. Over the 16 years that this course has been in existence there has been a relentless rise in the associated costs. The enrollment fee continued to rise and for some companies it became unaffordable. The online model enables us to contain the costs whilst maintaining a quality offering and providing a better experience for trainees.
Animated Graphics and Video - The online platform drives the motivation to create or source graphic materials which will keep trainees engaged and helps them to grasp concepts more easily . Enhancing of existing content has led to an experience with more snap and zing.
Personalised Support: Thanks to the easy access to WhatsApp and Email applications, trainees are invited to pose questions via these mediums while they are busy with their self study. A WhatsApp chat can go a long way to sorting out issues they are grappling with. It is even possible to transmit additional explanatory material via WhatsApp, Email or downloadable from the Cloud.
Training anywhere in South Africa: We are able to train candidates in regions where SAMFA does not have a physical regional presence thus opening more opportunities.

It is  possible to offer electroplating training from locations where only one candidate is available.
More Enjoyable. Less Stress.

Work in familiar surroundings: Being able to work in the comfort of one's own office at work or at home makes for a much less stressful environment than having to commute to a lecture venue and having to acclimatise to an unfamiliar environment.

Reduced work load: A study of trainees responses over the years and careful evaluation of the material has revealed that it was desirable to strip out some elements of the original programme which went above and beyond basic requirements.

Singular Focus: The online course focuses on fundamental concepts of actual electroplating and effluent treatment. It avoids delving into separate subjects like the specifics of equipment used for polishing and mass finishing, or the design of effluent treatment plants. These subjects will offered in advanced online sequel courses at the request of those who need this additional information.  
"Face-time" Sessions of 1 hour 30 min each: Experience has taught us that trainees grasp and remember concepts better from short punchy interactive presentations rather than long drawn out sessions. By adjusting the content of the "face-time" a trainee will spend no more than 15 hours over the duration of the course in actual audio video engagement with the presenter/s. The remainder of study time will be at the trainees own pace using online materials that will be made available on our training portal at MFA-SA. 
The course continues to maintain its original emphasis on connecting the practical aspects of plating with the underlying basic chemistry and physics concepts. Trainees are encouraged to ask work specific questions as they try to apply the principles learned to the actual shop floor situation.
Online Training Schedules
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The third series of presentations finished on Friday, November 26, 2021. We will run a fourth series as soon as we have collected enough requests for quotation.

The course is structured to run over 10 sessions scheduled to run once a week between 10:00 and 11:30 am. However, we make every effort to find consensus amongst enrolled trainees to conduct these sessions at a time which suits the majority.

As we are not limited to a region we can accommodate a group which includes candidates from anywhere in South Africa. The only restrictive factors are:

a) the quality and speed of the broadband available,

b) the specs of the computer/laptop used to access the required digital materials. 

c) the computer literacy of the trainee.
Fee Structure
Basic Rate for Non-Members:
R 7 885

The basic rate applies to a single trainee registered on the programme.

Mutiple Trainees: The rate for Trainees 2 - 6 is discounted by 5% for each individual.

More than 6 Trainees: If you seek to enrol a group larger than 6 trainees, please contact us to negotiate a bulk rate.

To qualify for the multiple trainee discounted rates, enrollees must be employed at the same company. 

Member Discount:  SAMFA members enjoy an addtional 20% discount on the calculated non-member rates. 

ELECTROPLATING BASICS: Online Training Course for Employees at all Levels

Course Content
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