Training Schedules

Training Course for Supervisors and Senior Operators

Gauteng 2020

Corporate Conf Centre, 99-101 Edward Drive, Dowerglen

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Now scheduled to commence February 2020.
Please register your interest on our database. We'll keep you in the loop with future planning.

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Cape 2020

Goodwood Sports Club
55 Milton Road,

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Not yet scheduled.
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KZN 2020

Avilla House
10 Wellington Rd

9:00 am to 3:00 pm


Not yet scheduled.
Please register your interest on our database. We'll keep you in the loop with future planning.

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Standard fee per trainee: R 10 850
SAMFA Member Discount per trainee: R 2 170
Discounted Member Price per trainee: R 8 680
Non-members enjoy a rate of  R8 680 for each enrollee from trainee 3 onwards
i.e. First two at R10 850, thereafter at
R8 680 ea
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021 761 8537
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If you elect to pay the full amount by the early settlement date printed on our invoice you may deduct an additional 5% early bird discount.
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A course is in planning for Gauteng. To enrol please click the icon to the left to access the registration form.

The full amount must be paid on sight of invoice and no later than 14 days before commencement of the course.

The price includes training manuals, lunch & tea.
Electroplating Training
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The results are discussed line by line immediately after marking. To maintain standards, the minimum pass mark is 40%. Papers are removed for scrutiny and returned to their owners the following session after capture of the marks to the SAMFA database.
Experience with trainees has demonstrated how valuable this process can be. Questions and comments demonstrate that enhanced understanding encourages trainees to investigate improvements at work that they would not have considered before.  Many of these ideas translate into more efficient throughput and enhanced profitability. With the high cost of chemicals & equipment prevailing, the savings gained by having enlightened staff quickly offsets the costs of training.
The course is divided into nine modules & strives to connect the practical aspects of plating with the underlying chemistry and physics theory.
The course material continues to keep pace with the times, and with each presentation new materials are added and improvements are made.
Subjects are explained in depth and illustrated with PowerPoint visual material and lively animated videos. Material presented is printed in plain English in the manuals that participants receive and so in the one or two week intervals between classes there is ample time to study for the simple test which is done at the start of the next session.
SAMFA has, over the past years, seen 460 participants throughout the country pass through our ever-popular Electroplating Theory & Practice course.  Each year there are more entrants into this interesting industry as well as more existing staff members who are moved into positions of responsibility where it is vital to have a deeper understanding of the subject. Each year we are pleased to be in a position to equip these individuals with the necessary skills to perform their work with confidence in this challenging environment. Our trainees include small business owners, senior operators, line and department managers, engineers and even sales staff.