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The following subjects will be covered in depth:
Online Course Content

What is powder coating? How is powder made? Thermoplastic and Thermosetting characteristics. Resin types and available powders in RSA.

An understanding of corrosion. Reasons for powder coating.

Advantages and disadvantages of powder coating.

Health and Safety issues when working with powders.

An understanding of acids, alkalis and pH measurement. De-ionised water

Identification of various metals that require treatment.

Preparation of Metal for Powder Coating; Alkaline cleaning processes; Solvent Degreasing

Acid Pickling; Phosphating Processes; Rinsing Techinques & Cleaner Production

Equipment - Powder guns. Video depictions of  the various components of  powder coating guns. Safety issues when working with the equipment.

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Gun Maintenance - causes of failure

Powder Booths. Maintenance of Spray Booths. Conveyors.

Extraction systems. Filter Banks and Cyclones. Powder recovery. Maintaining and Cleaning Cyclones

Ovens. Different types of heating. Safety measures

Airlines and Moisture. Spraying Techniques. Spraying texture powder and metallic powders.

Re-coating. Faraday cage effect. Curing. Powder Explosions - risk factors.

Quality Control. Trouble Shooting

Powder Coating Training Online Course Content