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Technical Guide
Our Metal Coatings Technical Guide is the "Big Brother" to S A Metal Finisher. The most recent forerunner of this publication was distributed in 2011. It was always expected that a manual of this nature would need to be updated from time to time
A lot changes over the course of a decade. Companies go out of business or merge with others, new companies start from scratch. Familiar faces leave the industry one way or another, new entrants stake their claims.

Ongoing research drives the development of better proprietary chemical  systems as well as the plant used in their application. 
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SAMFA Metal Coatings Technical Guide

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The world we live in changes. We know more about the harmful effects of our activities and the things we used and we have access to better ways of doing things.

These are the reasons underpinning our motivation to bring this new publication to the industry.

Originally named the "Metal Finishing Handbook and Buyer's Guide" we have now retitled it to reflect that we are talking about various coatings applied to metals.

This publication will be made available free as an online flipbook. We produce crystal clear publications that are a pleaure to read on screen.

An example of this quality can be viewed online here: Example

Optionally,  printed and bound copies will be on sale at subsidised rates. Currently estimated at R 250 per copy plus delivery charges. [Ex VAT]

Several of our members reserved printed copies to present to their customers.





Hard Chrome Plating

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Mass Surface Finishing

Metal Spraying

Physical Vapour Deposition



Powder Coating

Thermal Diffusion Coatings

Vacuum Metallising

Health and Safety

Jig Manufacture

Plant Design

Pumps and Filtration

Includes useful tables & charts for various calculations


Materials Handling Equipment

Ventilation and Extraction

FRESH CONTENT: We are  inviting submissions from our traditional contributors ranging from operators of and suppliers to metal finishing companies as well as academics. In fact, all submissions will be considered and acknowledged.
Reprinting rights for suitable technical articles will be sought from associations with whom we have reciprocal arrangements as well as other publishers.
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Some articles may be replaced with a new submissions from the original contributors or a new source.
Articles that appeared in editions of S A Metal Finisher following the distribution of the 2011 Metal Finishing Handbook will also be evaluated for inclusion. These will also be updated, revised and improved where necessary.
UPDATED ARTICLES FROM EARLIER  RELEASES: Articles which appeared in prior guide books will be re- evaluated for relevance. Those considered for inclusion again will be forwarded to the original contributors offering them an opportunity to update and revise as necessary. At this time diagrams, illustrations, photographs may be added or changed.